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A Bit About Deborah Coonts

I am proof positive that sex sells…and persistence pays off. After fifteen years learning the craft of writing, I am now officially, an overnight success. And it’s been a long road to get here…

My mother tells me I was born in Texas a very long time ago, but I’m not so sure—my mother can’t be trusted. These things I do know: I was raised in Texas on barbeque, Mexican food and beer. I’ve lived in every time zone in the U.S.; the most memorable stint being the time spent in Las Vegas, where I currently reside and where family and friends tell me I can't get into too much trouble...silly people.

The only constant in my life (besides my family, who deserves hazardous duty pay for sticking with me) has been change (my mother is still waiting for me to grow up). Silly woman.

But all of this career ADD made me incredibly unemployable. Hence the whole writing thing.

Actually, I’ve known from a young age that somehow stories would be a large part of my life, but my path to telling lies for a living (okay, not lies per se, but variations of the truth, for sure) has been circuitous. If someone had just told me when I was a kid that I could actually be paid to daydream for a living, life would have been soooo much easier. But they didn’t. And I never saw a ‘daydreaming’ booth at all those Career Days I attended.

So, initially discouraged when unable to locate anyone willing to pay me to read books, go to the movies, or attend the theatre, and in need of providing for the best child in the world, my son Tyler, I spent years being someone else—an accountant (blech), a business owner (pretty fun), a lawyer (loved law school, hated practicing law), a pilot (giddy and terrifying at the same time). But through it all, I wrote. Along the way I wrote the world’s worst novel, a slightly more well-crafted but equally as poorly plotted novel, several non-fiction feature articles (my first sales!), multiple humor columns for a national magazine (more sales!), and, finally, the novel that sold, Wanna Get Lucky?, the first in a series to be published by Forge Books. The series is a Sex and the City meets Elmore Leonard in Vegas kind of thing, if you can imagine that. Okay, have several glasses of wine, then think about it…makes imagining easier. Anyway, the books are sexy, wry, romantic, and slightly naughty mixed with a little murder and mayhem—shaken, not stirred—then illuminated by the bright lights of Las Vegas—one of the truly magical cities in the world.

Many of my friends have asked me how in the world I came up with the Lucky series. The way they asked led me to believe they thought mind-altering substances might have been involved even though they knew the worst I do is a glass of fine Pinot-Noir. The answer to their question is actually very simple: let your fifteen-year-old male child pick where you live, follow his dream to Vegas, then keep your eyes open.

Hey, it worked for me!

How to Become a
Literary Sensation

(For Deborah, by Teri Rosen)

  • It’s so easy.
  • Just begin somewhere auspicious. Texas will suffice.
  • Then, grow up ambitious.
  • Stay Southern-girl nice.
  • Get a college degree; get a master’s or two.
  • Get a job—anything grueling will do.
  • Become a lawyer. Become a pilot. Become a wife.
  • Plot a course through five decades of life.
  • Become a mother.
  • Go ahead and acquire another husband. (All part of the plan.)
  • Dream a little.
  • Write a little, whenever you can.
  • Stay in touch with your muse.
  • Don’t get confused.
  • Release your creations into the air.
  • Get rejected.
  • Try an encore.
  • Get rejected some more.
  • Do not despair. Do not shed tears.
  • Repeat this pattern for fifteen years.
  • At last, write a book.
  • In fact, write two or three.
  • Sell five of them at once. (How hard can it be?)
  • Let your heart sing; let your chest swell with pride.
  • You’re bound for great things—
  • With luck (and Lucky) on your side.
  • Get on the plane. Get set for show-and-tell.
  • Oh, what the hell—go ahead:
  • Practice your autograph.
  • Practice meeting Oprah.
  • Practice an acceptance
  • Rehearse what you’ll say on The View.
  • You’ve got the right makeup, the right hair, the right dress.
  • Voilà! You’re an overnight success.

Me Ineptum

  • Bookstores are the ONLY places to meet men.
  • Flirting is a lost art—and one of life's pleasures.
  • M & M's are manna from Heaven
  • The world's most perfect Cosmo can be found at the world's most perfect bar—21 Club in NYC.
  • Diet Coke is a life-sustaining beverage.
  • No one makes a better sports car than Porsche—although the Italians come close.
  • Why Vegas? A city where it is possible to buy Jimmy Choos at 2 a.m. has potential.
  • Body paint should have a role in everyone's Halloween.
  • Today is a great day to learn something new and to make someone smile.
  • So, what does "me ineptum" mean? It's Latin for "silly me." Hey, have you ever seen that t-shirt that says in Latin: "If you can read this, you're over-educated?" No?

Yes, I'm into internal combustion!
And yes, it's mine.

Deb with Robyn Carr

NYC, Jack's Bar, Robyn Carr.
What an evening!


Shameless Self-Promotion Tour stops
at Legacy Books in Dallas.

A reason for
(not the one in the middle)

Even authors are groupies.

The shameless self-promotion tour rolls on.

Friends help bury the bodies.

Deb with a Vegas original.

Yes, this too is Vegas...

As if writing wasn't torture enough.

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